2014 was a banner year for art for some reason. I think I was feeling settled in life at the time, but starting to understand what I needed out of my working life, which is why I was sketching, drawing and planning all the time while at work. My brain likes a challenge and likes to be busy, often to my own detriment if I’m not aware of it. Clearly if I was getting as much art planning done, I wasn’t being challenged in other ways.

Born out of that boredom were some of the concepts that I’m still exploring today, 8 years later. One of those concepts are my Egg Boats. I did sketches, based on an image in my head, of eggs with little houses in them floating in water. But, eggs are fragile, delicate, and can break if hit or knocked just the right way. They’re also resilient. They hold the most precious matter inside of them, protecting that matter from a harsh, external environment until it’s time to come out and experience all that the world has to offer.

So these egg boats are floating around, but what happens if they catch a storm? Or if they hit a shallow end? Or if they catch a sharp, rocky outcrop just right? What happens to the shell, the little house, and any potential inhabitants at each of those instances?

Egg Boats are all about the fragility of life. Whether you’re settled, on the precipice of change, or unknowingly about to be impacted by something outside of your control, you have to figure out how you’re going to mend the cracks, toss the water out of the flooded house, repair, and move on.

Series of 24 Egg Boats in various instances coming soon!

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